Coffee & Tea Festival Philly


The whole gang is going to the Coffee & Tea Festival Philly this weekend. Not to be boxed in, this year we won’t have a booth but we will be prowling around.

And we’re going incognito! Well, maybe we’ll wear our Halloween costumes. But then again, maybe not!

If you’d like to look for us we won’t hide; go to our Us page, print our pictures, carry them around and you’re sure to see one of us sooner or later!

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I never realized just how much tea and tea paraphernalia I had acquired until I started working at The Daily Tea. Now I celebrate a passion I didn't realize I had. Loose, unsmoked yerba mate, brewed in a French press, starts my day. And I've been brewing my own kombucha since 1994! What tea treasures will I discover next?

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